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We gratefully acknowledge our sponosors of the 2020 Jack Webster Awards:

Bruce Hutchison Lifetime Achievement Award

Bill Good
2009 Recipient

Bill GoodHe juggles two of the highest profile media gigs in the province, regularly putting in 12 hour days, and is almost always home for dinner.

Funnily enough, this Type A behaviour is not the first thing people comment on when they initially meet Bill Good.

According to Good, "They usually say, 'I didn't know you were so tall!'"

People also tend to overlook the fact that he actually started as a sportscaster. Brian Williams is one of the few who recall that Good covered the 1972 Russia - Canada hockey showdown, an event which Good describes as one of the highlights of his career.

Today he is the consummate newsman, both on the air with CTV British Columbia and on the open line on CKNW, and is the first to admit the symbiotic nature of the two jobs gives him advantages in both arenas.

"I can be struck by a story on the newscast at night and can expand it to 30 or 40 minutes the next day [on radio]. If an issue is very important it still might not get much time on TV but if you think it matters you can expand it on radio and if it hits a nerve you can come in and say, 'I'll tell you what everyone is talking about.'"

"Bill Good is-quite simply-the classiest and hardest working anchorman in the business," says Margo Harper, CTV BC's News Director. "He is an encyclopedia of BC history and politics and knows a thing or two about sports too. He knows pretty well everybody in Vancouver on a first name basis, and has interviewed most of them. Bill's genius is his ability to do challenging interviews and to ask the toughest questions, but to do so in a way that the subject always seems to leave with no hard feelings and his or her dignity intact. I consider it a privilege every day to work with my friend and colleague, Bill Good. And he still has a lot to teach me."

bill goodAs host of the Bill Good Show on CKNW, Good is a true host - the kind who welcomes and looks after guests. While he does frequently challenge guests and callers alike, he never stoops to the overt hostility that characterizes so much of open-line.

Ian Koenigsfest, News Director, Corus Radio Vancouver has worked with Good for 18 years and feels the Hutch is a fitting tribute to what he calls "brilliance".

"Whether he's with world leaders or people at the PNE, he's genuine, interested in people and probably one of the most unassuming nice guys in this business. He commands an amazing amount of respect because he's balanced and fair, but firm. Newsmakers call to be with Bill because they know it will be good journalism. What happens on the Bill Good show is heard in Victoria and Ottawa where it does help shape public policy. He's so well respected across all political stripes which, I think, is a really remarkable tribute to Bill and his career. We've been so fortunate to have him in our tent for all these years."

As for winning the Bruce Hutchison Lifetime Achievement Award, Good says he couldn't be more honoured, both by the Hutch and by the Webster tribute.

"I grew up listening to Jack-he was a great friend of dad's-and became a friend of mine in his later years. I never dreamt the day would come I'd be filling his time slot, albeit in a different fashion. I was a huge admirer of his and to be getting the Hutch, who is legendary in Canadian journalism, is exciting and gratifying."

Good doesn't see the Hutch as a cue to retire; in fact he says he's at the mid-point of his career and having way too much fun to stop now.

See the dinner presentation video for Bill Good.

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Bruce Hutchison Lifetime Achievement Award